At AJ Viagens Corporativas we believe that executives and professionals should only be concerned with their businesses during their travels. We are therefore experts in guaranteeing the best travel experience from your planning to your return.

We do that gathering technology, that allowed us to develop tool and practical solutions to book and follow your trip, and an exclusive consultancy service, available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, to resolve emergencies and any doubt.

Is also our job to optimize the costs of your company travels, and for that we use special rates negotiated with over a thousand suppliers that includes airlines, hotels, shutters and many other services.

  • Online Booking Tool: implantation of every OBT available at the market, including an exclusive option: AR&B;
  • AJ Consulting: understand if your travel program is effective and see the steps to optimize it;
  • Management reports: follow the costs and results of your travel to find saving opportunities;
  • Emergencies service: traceability and guaranteed support for every moment;
  • Documentation: consultancy and support for visas, passports, vaccines and every type of declaration;
  • Expense management: simplify your corporate travel payments approval;
  • Expat Management: documents, house haunting, tax advice and other support services;
  • Fleet Management: facilitate the logistics and reduce operation costs;
  • Telepresence: technology for long distance conferences.

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